The Blog

This is the second incarnation of a blog, the predecessor of which is still floating around out there in the interweb ether.

All opinions, anecdotes and incidents shared here are mine, and mine alone. They do not in any way reflect those of my employer, mortgage provider or the nice chap at the station who sells me my Earl Grey.

If I know you, in life or online, there is a chance I’ll write about you. That chance is greatly increased if you do something I consider daft.

If you don’t want to be written about, don’t do anything daft. Alternatively, tell me: I’m a reasonable person, and I might even listen to you.

If I’ve written something about you that you feel is crushingly unfair, you’ve probably done something daft that’s uncomfortable to see in black and white on the pages of the interweb. Which is unfortunate. Consider this your wake-up call, and don’t do it again. And then drop me an email. I’m quite a softy, and also have no desire to be sued for libel. Tell me what I’ve got factually incorrect / you deem to be a smear on your character and I’ll probably remove it. But if it’s just that you’ve been badly behaved, you’re on your own.

Everything I write is written entirely from my own perspective. Other characters may have different opinions on how things happened. You’ll have to find their blogs to know what they are.

Oh, and all copyright is mine. Ta.

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