Wednesday, 13 February 2013

In which George Clooney's beard is better than everyone else's

I don’t pretend to have my finger on the pulse of the menswear zeitgeist. Living with The Writer, that particular division of labour is already comprehensively taken care of, although I have, by proxy, learnt more about the tie bar than I could ever possibly have known there was to know (also the fact that there are approximately a squillion and three menswear blogs, the overwhelming majority of which feature precisely the same jacket over and over again. In case you were interested).

But whilst I’m not really au fait with the latest trends in pocket squares (if there can be such a thing as a trend in a pocket square – they’re square and they go in a pocket. How much can these things vary?), I like to think I’m observant enough to notice when something is widespread enough to have categorically become “a thing”.

One look that appears to have been adopted widely across the menswear board seemed to reach its zenith on Sunday night when almost all the male slebs at the BAFTA ceremony in London were sporting a chinful of the finest facial hair.

Now, I’m all for pictures of Gorgeous George floating around the ether of the internet – the more the merrier, quite frankly. But just because the delicious and delectable Mr Clooney can carry something off doesn’t mean the rest of mankind should try. Beyoncé would look phenomenal in one of those godawful striped, drop-waisted summer dress monstrosities that girls’ schools make their poor pupils suffer in the summer term: it doesn’t mean we should all start wearing ‘em.

But given the plethora of beardy pictures from Sunday’s ceremony, my opinions on an hirsute visage clearly aren’t enough to put the great and the good off wandering up the red carpet with a faceful of fuzz, looking for all the world like their housemate / stylist / significant other thought it would funny not to mention they could do with a quick shave (yes, I’m talking to you, whoever shares responsibility for National Treasure Stephen Fry: that was just scruffy), and with my lack of knowledge on all things male fashion-related, that’s probably no bad thing.

Although I’m not really sure the professionals are any more qualified. Because just yesterday, I received an email from TW, the arbiter of male style in Social Circle Blonde:

From: The Writer
Sent: Tuesday, 12 February 2013
To: Blonde
Subject: Slightly worrying

Is it slightly worrying that I’m starting to look to this for genuine wardrobe inspiration?

You heard it here first: male fashion – officially going to the dogs.


nuttycow said...

Hmmm - tricky! I'm all for a nice bit of stubble but I don't think I could go out with a full-on beard. Ditto goatee. Actually, I'd rather a beard than a goatee.

Oh hell, what am I saying, I'd probably go out with BigFoot if he treated me nicely ;)

Blonde said...

NC: I'm generally with you on stubble vs beards, but George can do what the hell he likes as far as I'm concerned. *Swoon*

Anonymous said...

Tie bars (or clasps as we Yanks call them) seem to be part of the retro 50's hipster look evidenced by all the hats. Interestingly, the tie accessory trend does not appear to have crossed the pond. What next - tie tacks?

Anonymous said...

I'm more worried that there is a product called "beard lube"

lastnightidrank said...

Hang on, I recognise the dog in the middle......oh yes, I think that's what Andy was wearing yesterday.

Blonde said...

Jman: Ah, maybe it's not been adopted by the general public over there. They definitely make an enormous appearance in the US men's magazines that I see (TW's addicted...)

Anon: Probably best not to think about that, to be honest.

LastnightIdrank: Ah, you share the pain. TW definitely owns the red shirt on the left, and the entire outfit on the right...

Sam Burnett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam said...

Tie pins are stupid.

I'm hot and cold on beards. Obviously the one I've got at the moment looks great, but it's the only hair you can experiment with beyond your early 20s.

Sam said...

Stupid multiple Google things. Technology is not our friend.

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