Friday, 21 December 2012

In which I reflect

The end of the year (although not the world, apparently) is as good a time as any other to reflect on the months gone before. Things I know now that I didn’t know 12 months ago are some in number and varied in nature…

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
Yes, I am whackingly late to this particular, particularly well-moisturised party, but this stuff is practically magic. The Writer’s mother left a tub at her house in Italy where we stayed this summer, and I’ve not looked back.

Quite simply the best thing on telly. Possibly even better than The West Wing. I know – that good. If you’ve not yet joined Walter White in his descent into the basest levels of humanity, I suggest you rectify that forthwith.

But not the cheese – instead, the wine. It’s a variety I’d never come across before spending a week in Abruzzo in the summer. It’s light and delicate and honeyed and delicious. TW and I like thisone so much we have a case’s worth on the wine rack.

Fluffy headbands
Delicately termed a “head muff” by The Equestrienne, this has been a late discovery of the year, making an entrance in December (“so long as there’s a distinction made that it’s on your head,” grumbled TW when I told him). Akin to an enormous, fluffy, Russian-style hat without a top, it’s enormously warm and quite the conversation-starter, although I’m yet to get used to the fact that it possess a siren-call most audible to drunken men who rush up, desperate to stroke it.

The new journal of drink-based writing from the people who make Fire & Knives. Really quite a lovely, lovely thing for those who like good gin, good writing and nice things on the coffee table.

A genius little photo-editing software app. Tweak, filter and saturate to your heart’s content.

Ignoring form and expert advice, and backing a horse because it was the most attractive one in the paddock
Four bets placed, two winners and two runners-up. Clearly it is best to judge some things on their appearances if those judgments will pay the entire bar day’s bar bill.

TheDogs, Edinburgh
Recommended by the inestimable MarinaO’Loughlin, this unprepossessing little restaurant on Hanover Street in Edinburgh might not look much, but holy mackerel, the food is incredible. Marinated coley and mealy pudding might just be one of the most delicious things to have passed my lips this year.

Pony shampoo
This was quite possibly the best discovery in all of 2012 (other than the fact that, actually, I’m quite attached to living with boys. Well, one boy in particular) was pony shampoo, and the use of the aforementioned on human hair. It started as a dismissive tweet that became a joke; developed into a matter of vague curiosity and is now something of a phenomenon. I’m scarily evangelistic about the abilities Mane ‘n’ Tail possesses to make one’s hair shinier, healthier, thicker and generally Best in Show.


Redbookish said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely reflections, except for, er, fluffy headbands? WTAF? You have almost completely destroyed my image of you as a suave sophisticated city girl.

Very best wishes for a restful Christmas and a lovely 2013!

Blonde said...

Red: Ah, you have been labouring under an illusion, I'm afraid. Suave and sophisticated I ain't! A very merry Christmas to you and yours xx

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