Monday, 26 November 2012

In which I consider the things I love about Edinburgh

At the end of this week, I shall be on a train to Edinburgh, for what is becoming the traditional trip Oop North to celebrate my birthday next weekend.

Via Peterusa, Flickr

Pipping New York into a very close second place, I have thought long and hard about the situation and come to the conclusion that Edinburgh is my favourite city in the world. I love it, almost unconditionally, and the only slight gripe I have is that the wind in February does make it hard to stand upright when outside. But other than that, it’s almost perfect.

For starters, it’s utterly gorgeous. Anywhere that’s essentially one great big World Heritage site has to be pretty bloody special (and, er, just pretty, I suppose, when it comes to it).

It’s mere moments from the wilds of the Scottish countryside, and there’s a volcano in the middle of the city. Who else can boast that?

The Pentlands, pic from The Sunday Brunch Club

Arthur's Seat, taken by Rebecca Peppiette, Flickr
The food is phenomenal. Yes, there’s quite a lot of deep-frying that happens to Mars bars and pizza slices, and there’s quite a lot of haggis (although, if you can get past the idea, you’ll find it’s actually rather tasty. I recommend MacSween’s). But there are also some world-class restaurants – what’s not to like about scallops the size of your fist?

That the train journey up there is so picturesque it makes your soul ache a little bit.

Did I mention it’s beautiful?

From EdinburghSpotlight, Calton Hill in the snow

The people, although sometimes a wee dour and grumpy, are actually pretty brilliant. And that accent

On a clear day, you can see straight across the Forth to Fife – and bugger me if that isn’t one of the most beautiful things you’ve seen. Oh, we’ve covered beautiful, haven’t we?

Calton Hill, from the Crag

There’s a world-class university. A zoo – WITH PANDAS. Oh, and that little festival that they do in August.

There’s a giant ceilidh the length of one of the main streets just before the legendary Hogmanay celebrations.

There are secret little shops with possibly the world’s most delicious whisky.

And even the occasional man in a kilt.

Happy birthday to me.


cara waters said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy Edinburgh, I agree it is a beautiful city although hope it is not too cold for you!

writeitout said...

Sounds like an amazing place! Must put it on my "to visit" list! Happy Birthday!

Blonde said...

Cara - Thank you! I'm looking forward to it hugely, I do love the place.

Writeitout - Oh it is. Do go if you ever get the chance. And thank you!

nuttycow said...

Happy birthday to you indeed. Is TW going to find his tartan and get himself a kilt?

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