Tuesday, 12 June 2012

In which horse sense might be lacking

It all started after one of those discussions with The Redhead (the ones where she says something, and I think she’s being a bit daft, but think about it a bit more and then go and do it anyway. Like the time she suggested I meet one of her friends for a drink).

Clearly having as busy a Sunday morning as I was (listening to The Archers in my dressing gown as The Writer, er, wrote, actually), she pondered the following on Twitter:

Twitter, is there any weight to the theory that horse shampoo can make human hair grow faster? A friend is insistent but I'm dubious.

Now, I’m a natural (albeit enhanced) blonde. The result of which is that I’ve spent many years and more cash than I care to remember on all manner of hair products: intensive conditioners; colour-care shampoos; ketchup (a low moment in my haircare career, just after the “Hahah! Your hair’s gone green” incident on holiday, 2002). But never have I heard of using equine shampoo for one’s tresses.

But, with Red’s friend so adamant, there was only one thing to do: text the pony-owning Best Mate.

Debate of the morning, I said. Does horse shampoo do wondrous things for human hair?

Don’t know, she replied, but it does amazing things for horses. I wouldn’t use Pantene on the horse, although lots of people here seem to use own-brand apple-scented, human shampoo…

With incredible timing, she was actually mid-bath for her own horse, and a few minutes later, she’d got the rest of the yard involved.

Consensus here is that we’ve never tried it, but on the basis that it has to be less astringent, it probably is quite good. You could order it online. Try Eqyss from Horse Health, but don’t use it on coloured hair.

“No! Definitely not!” TW said when I mentioned the discussion to him. “I don’t want you smelling like Black Beauty.”

“Other people do it,” I said, sounding for all the world like a small child.

“I don’t care,” he said, as we made our way out of the door for an early lunch. “I warn you now: if you do it, I’ll call you Pegasus from here on in.”

But despite TW’s threats, the idea bizarrely started to take hold. I did a quick Google, and found to my surprise that it’s something that lots of people have contemplated (not that that makes it okay, I know. People on the internet contemplate all kinds of stuff that is completely inadvisable). But then came another tweet from another source which suggested it’s not just the internet crazies who have given the project a go.

And so, when it came to a quick bank account check at lunchtime yesterday to find that I’d been paid, it seemed a worthwhile endeavour to chuck a tenner at a theory if it might result in my having longer, lustrous, er, show-condition locks.

I have just procured, I emailed Best Mate (once I was done sending her pictures of a mocked-up ad for MasterCard featuring Tyrion Lannister), a bottle of each of Mane’n’Tail’s finest shampoo and conditioner.

Oh Lord, she emailed back. Of course you have. I suppose it’s probably worth mentioning at this point that I’ve never heard of Mane’n’Tail?

Delivery is expected at the end of the week. Whether I turn out show-pony or Thelwell pony remains to be seen.


thechickenshop said...

Oh Lord. This sounds like something I would try.
Although if you had asked me, I could have told you that Aloe Vera shampoo (the 100% ish kind not one with just a bit in it) is meant to do the same..and is made for humans. Or Aussie Luscious Long which I use and think it amazing.

Melanie said...

Back in the Philippines there is horse shampoo (and conditioner) quite widely sold for humans (well I found it in quite a few corner shops as well as bigger pharmacies/Superdrug-esque shops and also sold very cheaply).. I used it (I couldn't resist), and I loved it... Although I didn't find a particularly marked difference but it was soft and smelt nice... different, but nice. There was also "horse shampoo ... for humans and horses"... which I suppose is aimed at those of the population worried about using shampoo which label specifies for horse use.

As for increased growth... I've found that when in a hotter country my hair seems to grow faster, but I didn't particularly notice a sudden growth due to horse shampoo.

Anyway, I'm rooting for the horse shampoo! I think it is MILES better than the Aussie shampoos.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...






(let me know results)

Blonde said...

Chicken: Ah, y'see, I'm not blown away by the Aussie stuff. The aloe vera might have been a better bet, though...

Melanie: Good to know people are crackers right the way across the world!

Jo: Yeah. It's a bit like that.

Brennig said...

One of the girls at the yard uses Pantene Pro V on her pony and (says she) uses Mane and Tail on herself.


Mud said...

Funny you should mention it - but using horse shampoo for humans is really big in the Balkans. In Kosovo they sell it in their version of Boots, next to the Pantene.

They have great hair there too.....

Kirses said...

I once had a flatmate who used Mane and tail, her hair was the most striking thing about her - it was glorious, so I guess she knew what she was doing with that horse shampoo...

Blonde said...

Brennig: I am cheered by the thought other people are bonkers enough to do it too.

Mud: AMAZING. This is clearly a worldwide phenomenon onto which I am late on cottoning.

Kirses: Huzzah! Hooves crossed...

thechickenshop said...

I find the Aussie stuff doesn't particularly make it grow longer but it stops it splitting, which I guess does help. For someone with long hair, I have hardly any split ends.

Damian said...

This is a product I have heard c/o the Morgan Spurlock movie "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold". Although his hair colour is a little different to yours....

Anonymous said...

after coming across your blog last year and reading it thoroughly and religiously ever since (brilliant stuff, by the way!) - thought i'd take the hair-related topic opportunity to as if you could recommend a salon for cut/color in londontown? you seem trustworthy for that sort of stuff!

Blonde said...

Chicken: I assume that's the premise of Aussie too. Will try it out and let you know...!

Damian: Huh. I am clearly the last person on earth to this particular party.

Anon: Very kind, thank you very much. I'm afraid I still trek back to my old Home Counties hairdresser - haven't found anyone in London yet that's worth the frankly ludicrous prices they charge. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting.

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