Monday, 2 January 2012

In which I don't resolve anything. Again.

I didn’t make any resolutions at the beginning of 2011. Having previously failed miserably to stick to any, and thinking that there was nothing particular that I wanted to do, I came to the conclusion last January that I’d just meander along as normal.

As it turned out, meandering along as normal presented me with one of the very best years of my life to date. The end of the year saw me in my twenties with a career I enjoy, a home I own, a boyfriend with whom I’m crashingly in love and a cat who, whilst driving me up the wall, brings me much joy and a facility for depositing leftover hummus. Wins all round, really.

So, this year, I’m not going to make any resolutions either. What’s the point when not doing so meant I didn’t finish the year feeling like a failure for not sticking to a vague notion decided upon at random 12 months beforehand, and when it seems to be the best way of doing things?

There are some things I might like to do at some point in the not too distant future, but I’m not going to resolve to do them in the next 12 months. If they happen, great. If not, there’ll be others.

- Save a bit more money. It’s the grown-up thing to do, after all.

- Finish more books than I abandon at page 100.

- Spend a bit less money. This will probably help with the saving bit.

- Drink less. Alcohol, that is. Not water. I don’t think I’d continue to function with any less water. If it’s not alcoholic or caffeinated, it rarely passes my lips as it is. So, maybe drink more water. Yes, that’s it: less booze, more water.

- Get to Edinburgh more. That place is like balm for my soul, and a visit once every 18 months is not enough.

- Go to the opticians. I honestly can’t tell you exactly when I last went, but I think it was some time around my second year at University. Which, fact fans, was about 2005. Oops.

- Take The Writer to New York. For such a great lover of American literature, culture and sports, the fact he’s not been is bonkers. He’ll love the place, although I might lose him to the 20th floor of 4 Times Square. Although the coffee might tempt him back again.

- Have more dinner parties.

- Moisturise more. Morning and night.


Martin said...

Bloody good rationale for the no-resolutions angle, I tend to be of the view that I know myself well enough to know that I won't do any of the things that I should do, so it's barely worth opening the gate to that little garden path. Let the chips fall where they may.

I'm in head-nodding agreement with your list, particularly the parties (my cooking skills have substantially improved over the last 12 months, and cooking for 4 when there's only 2 of us is getting wasteful), and definitely the Edinburgh thing - I haven't visited in almost a year now. Switch opticians with dentist and I'm set.

Happy New Year!

Blonde said...

Martin: Precisely. Clearly great minds think alike.

nuttycow said...

Happy new year. I think you should add a goal to your list. "Have more dinner parties and finally invite nuttycow round to my house for one of said dinner parties".

Not that that's a crashingly huge hint or anything. *cough*

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