Friday, 6 January 2012

In which I contemplate the little things

Below: an incomplete list of life’s small pleasures:

- Drinking a cup of tea when it’s at just the right temperature

- The first slice of a great piece of cheese

- Sliding into bed in the middle of winter and putting your feet up against the hot water bottle

- Waiting to hear from someone in particular, and seeing their name flash up on the screen of the phone

- Catching a train you thought you’d missed

- Finding a great pen that makes your handwriting look the way you like it to look

- The smell of a warm horse

- A compliment from the girl on the checkout in Marks & Spencer on your eyeshadow

- Having dinner with the family and making Pa Blonde laugh so hard at something daft that he almost chokes on his wine

- Half-waking on a Saturday morning to find the cat’s snuggled, purring, against your chest

- Hearing a long-unheard but much-loved song

- Looking up to find the person across the table watching you, smiling

- Getting a short way into a book to find yourself so drawn in that you don’t want to put it down

- Watching songbirds swarming round the bird-feeder in the garden

- Taking a pair of heels off at the end of a long day

- The smell of a vase full of lilies

- Coming home in the evening after the cleaner’s been

- A day during which your hair does precisely what you want it to

- Curling on the sofa watching a film you’ve seen and loved a hundred times


Aled said...

Sadly, I have yet to find a pen that makes my handwriting even legible, let alone how I'd like it to look!

nuttycow said...

Yes. To all of those (although, obviously, I can't say what it's like to make Pa Blonde laugh since I've never met the great man!). Ooo, just thinking about some of those has made my fill with a warm glow.

Blonde said...

Aled: Boo! I favour a very fine point gel pen, personally. Biros make my handwriting look like a spider's died on the page.

Blonde said...

Nuttycow: Hurrah! Warm and glowy is what we're after. I find the tea particularly satisfying.

caitymay said...

Love this – life is all about appreciating the small things :)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Also, I'd like to add - waking up without a hangover, when the day before was spent absolutely bed-ridden by one.

There is nothing better than that morning you wake up feeling GOOD.

James Lewis said...

I'd throw in 'getting into bed early with fresh linen sheets' (which rarely happens to me, as I never go to bed early and my ex-wife kept all the real linen so I'm stuck with cotton)...

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