Tuesday, 2 August 2011

In which silly season is in full swing

Ah, silly season.

It’s a delightful time of year. Normally, when we haven’t discovered mass wrongdoing amongst apparently large sections of the tabloid press, there’s not a lot going on. Parliament is in recess; a good proportion of, well, everyone is away on holiday and the hard news quotient is at a minimum.

As such, the papers are full of stories about cats that look like Hitler (if you’re unaware of the phenomenon that is the kitler, I suggest you rememedy that forthwith); killer chipmunks; and escaped pigs.

Today, though, the silliness of the season seemed to leave the animal antics on the middle pages, and instead focus on something that clearly vexes the sartorially savvy members of Her Majesty’s Press.

The leading article in today’s Times concentrated on David Cameron and his footwear choices. He’s apparently been spotted in Tuscany wearing black leather shoes but no socks. Not on, according to the paper.

Sandals without socks are quite acceptable it says, as are loafers without socks [which] suggest a certain European metrosexuality, but they should be brown, and the trousers (or, as fashion folk would say, “the trouser”) must never be tight. Black work shoes without socks, however, are another matter. This is a look that screams one thing, and one thing only. “I have forgotten my socks.”

As someone who’s been fighting a desperate – and losing – battle for all the years she’s been on God’s green earth, I’d argue that little Florence should be thankful. It might not be the most stylish thing in the world for DC to be wandering round looking like he’s forgotten to pack the vitals, but it’s a damn sight better than the alternative: the sight of one’s dad wearing his socks - with his sandals.



There is no worse male summer sartorial choice for me than 3/4 synthetic sports trousers and flip-flops. I would rather be seen with a man in shoes sans socks or sandals avec socks any day, than be forced to accompany a man shuffling in an ungainly manner wearing the chav summer uniform.
Samantha obviously left David to pack his own case this year.

theperpetualspiral said...

Just to echo LW, flip-flops should be banned for general use. They are acceptable attire when around a swimming pool or on a beach, but wearing them anywhere else is a shooting offence. I say this based on the people I was unfortunate enough to share a flight with last night.

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