Tuesday, 17 May 2011

In which I leave the decisions to someone else

It’s not entirely unreasonable to say that when it comes to men, I do sometimes make very bad choices. There have, of course, been a couple of notable exceptions, but not enough that when I tell my friends there’s a date in the diary, they don’t cringe slightly and only just resist asking to see a CRB check and a full name and date of birth for an in-depth Googlestalk. But given my somewhat chequered dating history – coke problems; girlfriends; gay – they’re within their rights.

So it’s probably not vastly surprising that my friends now seem to be taking it upon themselves to pick the men for me.

Of late, as previously documented, I’ve rather fallen out of the dating habit, and haven’t really been in the right frame of mind to perform the usual trick of acquiring Potential Un-Suitor-bles on my travels.

It’s turned out not to be such a bad thing for the bank balance; the social life; the sleep pattern; the work performance or the levels of alcohol consumption, but not good for convincing the mother that she doesn’t need to wring her hands in panic at my perpetual singledom.

I’ve been enjoying my few weeks of almost-enough sleep (sadly the commute from the Home Counties precludes there ever being enough entirely); enough free evenings to make the gym membership worthwhile; and proper catch-ups with friends and ex-colleagues, and I haven’t really been missing the merry-go-round of mostly disappointing men.

But, although I might not be keeping my eyes peeled, my friends apparently are: whilst sitting on the sofa post-gym, mid-manicure one evening, I picked up the phone to find a message from The Redhead.

Am in the pub chatting to a guy who’s handsome and Tory. His drink’s gin and tonic. Have given him your number.

It’s good to know that my friends have identified the sort of man they think is suitable for me to date – and that, having done that, they’re able to locate one with ease.

Hi Blonde, came a message some hours later. Handsome Tory here. I’m not quite sure how to go about this, but just wanted to introduce myself and say hi…

Thus it would appear that not only is The Redhead able to locate and approach The Right Type of Man, she finds the specimens that know what to do when given a girl’s number, which – in my recent experience – isn’t always the case.

And, given that Red is (or, at least, is putting up a bloody good show at being) blissfully happy with a new(ish) chap who most definitely strikes me as one of life’s Good Guys, I’m quite happy to trust her judgment on this one.

So much so, in fact, that I might relinquish all future dating decisions, and let The Redhead pick and choose my men from here on it. Because, frankly, she can’t do any worse than I’ve done up till now.


Amy said...

Have you seen My Life Your Hands? It/He is a Guardian feature where you can vote on what he should do in his love life after he made a series of rather disastrous choices.

Personally, I am all for this kind of thing, so much so that sometimes I wish my friends could rule my entire life for me.

So when are you meeting Handsome Tory?

nuttycow said...

Handsome Tory eh? Let's hope he's not a Tim Nice But Dim ;)

HC said...

Not intending to rock the boat but is political affiliation so important to a relationship? Perhaps it is to some and not to others but partisanship of any sort washes over me completely. Although, out of coincidence, I often do, staying 'loyal' to a party strikes me as cantankerous, so pinning your flag to one particular party, for example on dates, suggests you're possibly not applying as much thought as you otherwise might be. Just saying.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I, on the other hand, get my friends passing my number onto men who are not only undesirable to me, but also my close friend who they've already tried it on with.


Blonde said...

Amy: Ooh, no I haven't - I shall check it out. Red seems to know what she's doing, so I'm going to take her lead on this one. And you'll have to wait for an update....!

NC: Let's hope that indeed, although that wouldn't be the worst I've dated recently.

HC: I don't think I've ever dated people based on political affiliation, bar the time I refused to date the communist (more because he was related to Putin, though, if I'm honest). Things have gone plenty wrong with plenty of lefties before now. This chap just happens to be someone Red thinks I'd be suited to.

PDEWYMO: NICE. Would you like to borrow the Redhead?

HC said...

At least Communists are more sharing. You'd get bored of going to Cuba for holidays though, I suppose.

Amy said... for the Guardian feature, or @mylifeyourhands. Looking forward to the update and hoping it goes well for you.


A close friend is the BEST person to advise and suggest with regard to potential suitors. They know you in a way you'll never know yourself (if that makes sense) they have high expectations, and are able to catch said potential suitor 'off guard'. Plus, if it goes wrong, you have someone to blame.

Redbookish said...

Wish I had a friend like yours, Blonde. I challenge mine to name a single, straight, sane man of our mutual acquaintance suitable for me, and they cannot. They squirm. They are all Smug Marrieds. Then tell me I should not give up the search. Hah!

Toi, toi, toi with Handsome Tory. He's started well, at any rate.

Zstep said...

A close friend is the best person to suggest suitors... unless they have crap taste in men.

Just sayin'.

Brennig said...

It's a good gambit from him. Hope he's not a chinless wonder. But... a Tory? *shudder*

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