Thursday, 6 January 2011

In which I don't resolve anything

A discussion this week at Small but Perfectly Formed Agency about New Year’s resolutions made me want to curl up under my desk and pretend I was still prostrate on the parents’ sofa with a glass of The Father’s best Cognac.

Liver Bird has decided 2011 is the year she’ll take tap classes and find a new flat.

The Intern (bless her, still full of youth and enthusiasm) is, in no particular order, joining the gym; reading a book a week; spending more time with her family; and learning to cook lentils. No, I don’t imagine she’ll stick to many of them either.

My resolutions, when I make them (which isn’t often) tend to be things I have a snowball’s chance in hell of sticking to (I fail at enough other stuff in life without giving myself additional things to feel guilty about). Last year, I blogged more. I also inadvertently managed to abstain from Speckled sex, thereby keeping 2009’s resolution which I didn’t manage in the year itself.

Having decided a while ago that Small Agency is now just a little on the too-Small side, 2011 was going to be the year that I found a new job. However, networking being what it is, I suddenly found myself accepting a new position in a different agency just in time for Christmas. So whilst I’ll be starting at the New Place in the spring (don’t get me started on the ridiculousness of millennia-length notice periods), I can’t really count the getting of the thing as a 2011 achievement.

There’s no way on God’s green one that I’ll drink any less, get more sleep or spend less money than I currently do, so those are all non-starters.

2010 seemed officially to be the Year of the Date; frankly, the thought of going on more dates this year than last is exhausting.

Doing Stuff to the house really should be on the list – I’ve been in my own home now for 16 months, and only last week did a mirror and shelves go up in my bathroom. Really, I should invest in several hundred more bookcases (Late Granny’s art nouveau number is utterly beautiful, but just not big enough); paint the sitting room, landing and bedrooms; and get a load of prints framed and put up in the kitchen (although I’m now unsure of my putting-stuff-up ability given the kitchen clock’s bid for freedom onto the stone floor a few days ago). Oh, and find space for my piano, which is sitting alone and unloved at the parents’ place. Whether any of those things happen remains to be seen, although The Father retires in the spring, and I imagine a To-Do list for him will go down well with The Mother, who’s currently finding ways to keep him from getting under her feet.

So, I’m a bit stuck, really. Suggestions are welcome. Though I’ll probably ignore them all and just meander along as normal. Gin, anyone?


nuttycow said...

Carry on, just the way you are :)

Blonde said...

You're sweet. Cheque's in the post. With your Xmas card. Ahem.

jman said...

Congrats on the new job. How time flies - seems like just yesterday that you were wringing your hands at the possibility of finding anything after leaving uni. New Year's resolutions are meant to be life changing things, like losing weight or getting fit or quitting smoking, not painting your house. I understand (through observation, not first hand experience I hasten to add) that when one is as wonderful as you (although that may read as sarcasm, none is intended - honest)it is hard to find areas worthy of change, so my suggestion will be on the selfish side and that is to be consistently diligent in your blogging so as to keep your devoted readers amused, entertained, enlightened and grateful.

Helen said...

One of mine is definitely to do up my house. And I have already given my Dad a lengthy list of tasks. Fathers like it.

HC said...

*Klink* - I can't shift the feeling that 2011 is going to be a bit of a looming stinker and I may therefore opt to hibernate until 2012 - post Olympics. Someone give me a nudge when we're all prosperous again.

Blonde said...

Jman: Ta. Am mildly terrified by the prospect, but I think that's a good thing. That's a very kind thing to say: I shall endeavour to keep cocking up so I have stuff to write about.

Helen: I think they do, y'know. They like to feel needed. Mine was most put out when I suggested I might get someone in to do the painting.

HC: Tsk. Pessimist. (You're probably right, though. Erk.)

Mike said...
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Mike said...


Some suggestions for 2011:

Blow them away at the new job.
Ease up on yourself.
Help The Father adjust to and enjoy retirement. It’s not easy.
Enjoy yourself.
Blog even more. (OK…that's really for me, but I think we can all agree it's still worth doing.)

Once you've nailed those consider adding in negotiating world peace.

Redbookish said...

I have been living in my main house for 5 years and there are still unpacked boxes. And my books are still not in alphabetical order (that will take at least a fortnight). But things around the house? Get a man in -- I had 2 to do my garden last year and the results were fabulous.

Happy New Year!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I hear you on the parental retirement front. It's brilliant having retired rentals (just mum at the moment for me) - but only when you've moved out and they can go buy you bedding and little things from Homebase in the day.

fwengebola said...

Your resolutions seem pretty simple, so may I suggest you get a crack habit, and resolve to stop next year.



Amy said...

Resolve to enjoy yourself more and have more fun. Easy one to keep and definitely more beneficial than trying to get more sleep.

Blonde said...

Mike: List duly noted, and pinned to the fridge.

Redbookish: Oh, I AM glad! It makes me feel better to know that other people's houses aren't all supremely finished and organised yet either.

PDEWYMO: Oh, I have a whole list of stuff of Things That Could Be Done For Me for him. He's going to wish he were still at work. I tell myself it'll save my parents' marriage.

Fweng: Huh. Hadn't thought of that. It's a good'un though. Might pop it on the list.

Amy: Excellent suggestion. You may stay.

theperpetualspiral said...

Blonde - it took me ten years to change the carpet on my landing. Sometimes with work round the house you need to think very carefully for several years before you even consider changing anything.

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