Tuesday, 6 April 2010

In which I date an overachiever

I had some, I think understandable, reservations about meeting The Athlete: being set up on a date by Old Friend is, as I've found, fraught with danger. However, OF finally seems to have grasped the concept that I’m more than capable of finding my own thoroughly unsuitable men, and it’s the non-gittish ones I have trouble tracking down.

And so, one Friday evening, I made my way to the Café Boheme in Soho to see whether The Athlete was as nice in person as he is on paper.

Which, pleasantly surprisingly, he is.

On my way now, my text said, as I made my way from the pub where I’d had a quick post-work drink with Hot Flyer Boy. To avoid any awkward I-have-no-idea-what-you-look-like incidents, am in full-length coat, pink scarf and embarrassingly scruffy blonde hair. Sorry about that.
“You don’t look scruffy at all,” a 6’2”, attractive blonde guy said to me, smiling (and fibbing), as I blustered in through the door. “Come on, I’ve got us a table.”

And there followed a really rather good evening. It wasn’t the great first date that I had with the Sports Nut, but it definitely wasn’t the night of deep and depressing mediocrity that I had with Lawyer (?) from Bar, either. There was no immediate, “must have you now” chemistry but, given the people I’ve had that with in recent years, and has been considered, that's not necessarily a deal-breaker.

With a background in civil engineering, The Athlete is, unsurprisingly, far less 'meeja' than SN (he gave me a totally blank look when I mentioned Twitter in passing; possibly No Bad Thing), but then he is also just a bit more (if you’ll forgive the Mitfordism) PLU.

He’s single, straight and as far as I can tell, doesn’t have a fetish for the coke (yes, kids - I’ve now added that to the things I’d like in a partner, given previous experiences. Not too much to ask, one might think). He’s well-mannered, and funny. He’s not yet thirty, owns his own home, and passes the “eaten alive by friends” test.

He’s bright, and ambitious: currently doing an MBA, he has two scholarships to one of the country’s most prestigious programmes, and an internship lined up for the summer. He’s looking to go into managament consultancy which shows, admittedly, a lack of imagination, but very good future earning potential.

And, something that I’ve not come across in anyone for rather a long time, The Athlete is also agreeably modest.

Discussing weekend plans, he talked about hitting the gym: “I, er, I do a bit of sport competitively, so I’m training at the moment.”

Having been told by Old Friend that The Athlete was an ex-GB triathlete, I pushed for a little more information.

“Yeah, well, I’ve got into triathlons recently, they’re a lot of fun. I was on the GB decathlon team a while ago, but I've decided triathlons are more my thing.”

Wow. Overachiever extraordinaire.

And so, when he gets back from his trip to Japan in three weeks’ time, I think I’ll probably catch up with him again. Not that I’ll admit that to Old Friend: there’s a supper at Le Gavroche at stake.


nuttycow said...

Forgive the Mitfordism? I embrace it. Partly because you know what PLU stands for and partly because you know it's from a Mitford.

I love the idea of this guy - he sounds yummy! Just think, lovely tall blonde babies!

jman said...

Why does wanting to go into management consultancy show a lack of imagination? Maybe he likes variety or problem solving and thinks this will address that?

PLU? Does it make me PLU or nonPLU to be totally unfamiliar with that term?

And lastly in the danger Will Robinson category - someone who is fixated on something, in this case triathlons, which take up a lot of time in training, may mean they don't have a lot of time for other things of much greater importance, namely you! Not a big deal right now, but it may be later on.

Blonde said...

NC: Good news. Nancy was fabulous (Diana also, but she gets large numbers of points removed for the obvious). Think you're a little ahead of me on the babies front (also imagine they wouldn't be that tall. We know my luck).

Jman: It seems to be the default career for a lot of grads these days. And unfamiliarity with the term probably just mean you're less of a snob than NC and I...

thezoneoftones said...

Ah, I like the sound of this one. Keep us posted.

Emily said...

Tall, attractive, intelligent, physically fit, AND modest? Sounds great so far!

And I disagree with jman, it doesn't sound like he's fixated on triathlons. Someone who's fixated on them would have talked about them the whole time and tried to talk you into it, too.

jman said...

When I said fixated, I didn't mean obsessed and trying to convert the world, but that it takes a lot of time if one is serious about it (which it sounds like he is) and it may become an issue in terms of a Blonde/training-competing balance.

And Blonde - what does PLU stand for (I am familiar with U and nonU but am obviously lacking in the finer points of it all)

Brennig said...

Blonde, you're just a little bit of an overthinker...

And having an MBA is no benchmark of anything (except fluctuating, mild insanity), speaking from my perspective.

Hamish said...

Athlete...possibly non-drinker ?

Well that's just NEVER going to work in blondie world

P said...

He sounds worth a go anyway! :)

Blue soup said...


Imagine his stamina...!

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