Wednesday, 24 February 2010

In which there's disaster potential

“The trouble is,” I said to PolitiGal over post-work drinks, “is that because of how we’ve met, he has access to it...”

Over the previous couple of weeks, banter with a guy I know from the online dealings in my life had become far more frequent, and faintly more flirty. After a couple of days of vague suggestion on either part, Sports Nut and I decided to meet for a glass of wine.

PolitiGal and I had already covered the obvious peculiarities of the situation – that neither of us had any idea what the other looked like, nor - in his case - an idea of my name.

But whilst might be the case, Sports Nut does have access to a relatively detailed account of the ways in which I’ve spent the past five years: the ups, the downs, and the generally inappropriate.

“Well, I suppose you don’t know for sure whether he’s read it or not,” said PolitiGal optimistically. “He might not have done.”

“True – but I can hardly ask him, can I?! “Excuse me, have you read any of the posts on the blog that you may or may not have seen? If you’ve not already, could you refrain from doing so?!” If he hasn’t, and I say that, I’m only going to pique his curiosity.”

“Hmm, well there is that,” she said, perusing the drinks menu ahead of another round of cocktails. “But, when you think about it, is it actually so bad?”

I raised an eyebrow, thinking about various incidents chronicled that show me in a less-than-ideal light.

“No, think about it for a second...” I slipped the menu from PolitiGal’s fingers and perused it whilst she made her case. “Well, if he hasn’t, then it’s all well and good. He won’t know about all the... bits and pieces, and you can enjoy admitting them to him as and when. And, if he does, then he clearly doesn’t think there’s anything in there heinous enough to keep him from wanting to have a drink with you.”

“I suppose so,” I said. “That’s a very glass-half-full way of looking at things.”

“Speaking of which, we are both glass very empty.” She stood up from the table. “What are we having next?”

Potentially, a deeply embarrassing situation.


Brennig said...

There's nowt wrong with a little embarrassment, it shows your human side. Embrace the embarrassing stuff if it occurs. Otherwise, don't worry it.

Blonde said...

Bren: Embracing embarrassment seems to be what my life entails.

Others: We'll have less of the faintly stalky, ta.

Gin Operated said...

Yay, welcome back! x

jman said...

Welcome back from your trip to hiatus (where is that exactly by the way? It sounds vaguely middle eastern) The fact that you don't take yourself too seriously and do it so articulately and entertainingly is one of your more endearing traits (of which I might add, the list is endless!). So maybe he knows more about you up front than might otherwise be the case and you won't know the same about him - in the end it will balance out in the meantime I doubt it will make any difference.

Emily said...

Ooh, very interesting development! Well, my blog has bitten me in the butt when a guy I was dating started reading it and read too much into some things. But it's just a blog. It's not everything you do, think, and believe.

I like PolitiGal's way of thinking of it. Good luck!

Blonde said...

G_O: Ta muchly.

Jman: Ah, everything does balance out in the end, doesn't it?

Emily: Me too - PG's a cracker. Sorry to hear about your blog-related dating dilemma. Makes you yearn for the Regency days of courting via letter, doesn't it?!

Michele said...

nothing to be embarassed about! you shld take a firmer approach - he can take it or leave it ... but it begs the qestion: will it change what you write about in the future?

Lewis William said...

I have similar problems, but it's more a case of I'd prefer my mother not to read this than my lover. I should grow up, really.

Mike said...


If he doesn't read it--no harm, no foul.

If he does--well, starting the potential relationship with a lot of truth on the table could, in fact, be a good thing.

Of course I am totally a silver lining kind of guy.

Zstep said...

ooooo, how mysterious! My advice is to plunge in with both feet and see what happens, primarily because that will provide you with plenty of blog fodder not because its a terribly good idea.

Also, I think there is a 73% chance he is 300+ lbs, lives with his mother and has spotty skin. I'm just sayin'...

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