Monday, 1 February 2010

In which I don't see what could possibly go wrong

As per the adoption of a slightly more structured approach to dating, I’m accepting a large majority of invitations that come my way. I’ve gone through periods of doing this before, with the result that I seemed to spend a lot of time tired, drunk and broke. Initially, it had the advantage of getting me out of the house whilst California Girl was in it. And, whilst I think of it, it was a ‘saying yes’ episode that ended in the confession of love from Innocent Flirt, and the start of the slippery sexual slope with Speckled Lad. Maybe there is something to the theory...

However, what my new approach also seems to have done is to encourage my friends to take me on as a dating charity case.

I was in a King’s Cross cocktail bar one night, giving Old Friend some out-of-hours media advice for his latest harebrained scheme when we got to discussing the ups and downs (him) and statics (me) of our love lives.

“Oh, I have plenty of eligible men, Blonde. I’ll set you up.”

“Really? I don’t think so. The last time you did that, Rugged Scotsman happened.”

“Oh,” he said, apparently having forgotten the fact that the last chap he set me up with turned out to be gay. “Oh yeah. Well, this time I’ll make sure they’re straight.”

“That doesn’t fill me with confidence, OF – I had rather hoped that would always have been the case...”

“Look,” OF said, draining his glass. “How does this sound? I’ll set you up with a variety of eligible types: if, by Midsummer, you’ve not met someone you’ve truly clicked with, I’ll take you out for a Michelin-starred supper.”

Which is what’s known in my book as a win-win situation.

And I was in a Soho cocktail bar with PolitiGal a few days later – yes, I realise there’s a theme – when she made a suggestion along the same lines (though without the added incentive).

“Well, there is a really lovely guy in the office – he’s just moved into our department, and I was in two minds about telling you, but if you’re being all open-minded about things, well, I think I’m just going to go ahead, and set you up. I’ll email you both tomorrow and arrange it.”

I inhaled the rest of my Elderflower Collins, and told myself that everything will be fine. After all, with friends like these, who needs to arrange their own dates?


crazykites said...

How many dates have you had so far then? Any of them nice?

nuttycow said...

Things could possibly go wrong but at least it'll give you a) something to blog about and b) something for us to laugh at!

Good luck!

Rage Against The Dying of the Light said...

Ah, the old "law of averages" approach, beloved of single men in meatmarket clubs the world over...

Hamish said...

Would suggest you DON'T meet them in a "cocktail bar".

a) As the evening progresses they will become far more attractive.
b) Any bloke that drinks in a "cocktail bar" is probably a poof anyway.
c) Remember beauty is but a light switch away

Emily said...

Good luck! At least you'll have blog fodder.
And I love Elderflower, too!

P said...

Anytime any of my friends wants to set me up, I always discover there's something wrong with the dude.

Thankfully this happens long before a date is arranged so I don't have to be exposed to the weirdness...

Mike said...

And how's your track record with situations in which you "don't see what could possibly go wrong"?

Blonde said...

Crazykites: Hold your horses!

NC: Ah, it's excellent to see someone's glass half full.

RATDOTL: Says the smug married over there...

Hamish: Sadly b isn't something I'm unfamiliar with - and there weren't even cocktail bars involved those times...

Emily: Thank you; and they're tasty, no?!

P: An excellent way of going about it. I imagine I won't have so much luck.

Mike: Think that's a "less said the better" sort of situation.

crazykites said...

I wait in anticipation! ;)

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