Saturday, 2 January 2010

In which I make a resolution

At the beginning of 2009, I made just one resolution: no sex with Speckled Lad. In true Blonde fashion, I entirely neglected to stick to it. In the end, it turned out that the only person I had sex with in 2009 was Speckled Lad. Whether it was Fate laughing in my face, or my libido taking matters into its own hands (there’s an image) having realised that if there were no Speckled Sex, there’d be no sex at all, I don’t know. Whatever it was, it wasn’t a triumph of my resolve, and so this year, I’m going to make a resolution I have half a chance to sticking to.

I had considered making another go of the ‘no sex with Speckled’ thing, but I’ve realised it’s not desperately practical. There’s some kind of something that renders me incapable of resisting the Lad. Pathetic, but there it is. Making a resolution that’s doomed to fail from the outset is just daft, and I don’t have the wherewithal to deal with the inevitable guilt that ensues from telling Best Mate of my plan and then hearing her total lack of surprise when I have to confess to the subsequent indiscretion. In short, there’s no plan not to sleep with him this year.

I toyed briefly with the idea of making myself go to the gym more, but frankly that’s not a resolution: it’s a necessity. If my bottom gets any larger, I shall need to take out a separate ticket for it on the train in the morning and seating is limited as it is.

There’s the saving money resolution; the eating better; the watching less crap telly. But spending; late night suppers of waffles (see? Told you about the bottom) and Come Dine... are things about my life that I enjoy.
Drinking less didn’t even merit consideration.
I’ve already set up a direct debit for this year’s charity, and there’s a large list of decent novels on my to-read list. I’d clean more, but that’s what I pay someone else to do. And there’s absolutely no point making resolutions about my love life so I shan’t.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that, maybe, instead of doing something that I’ve dreamt up myself, I’ll do something that other people have been badgering me to do: blog more.

Flatteringly, several people have nudged me recently to do so, via email and tweet. On mentioning this to Best Mate, I had a text: well, they’re right. You’ve not blogged in weeks.

And so I resolve that I shall blog more this year. Quite what about, I have no idea, and it’s entirely possible that you’ll all regret my decision once I’m posting weekly on Colin’s antics, like his recent discovery that if he leaps off the kitchen table at the right moment, he can reach the middle shelf inside the fridge. You’ve been warned.


P said...

I'd say that blogging more is a pretty commendable resolution.

Go for it...

Liberty London Girl said...

well you know I am a huge fan, so I say yes please to more posting, LLGxx

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Good news.

But err, who the hell's Colin?

Feline or male?


Lucy T said...


(alas my own blogging life appears to be a non-starter just at the moment).

James said...

While commendable, isn't blogging more a bit vague, and such resolutions are supposed to be the easiest to break.

What would constitute 'more'? More than last year, or maybe at least every so many days, or a minimum per month.

Just intrigued as to what would be regarded as a success.

LizSara said...

If Colin can really do that we demand video can blog it though. Funnily enough blogging more and commenting more is one of my plans for this year too

Blue soup said...

I wouldn't mind hearing about Colin if he can do tricks like that.

Happy New Year dear.

get2eric said...

Such a good resolution from my point of view. It does need definition however.

Brennig said...

'Colin' is such a comedy name for a pet I love him immediately.

Look Blondie, 'more' means what, precisely?

BTW, my word verification is 'vialci', isn't that some kind of Italian ointment for dry skin?

Mike said...

As a fellow PR person and regular reader, this is good news. Seems do-able...and we get more stuff to read.

Helena Halme said...

Excellent resolution. Very similar to my own. Look forward to hearing who/what Colin is. Shapeshifter?

Helena xx

James said...

ok this is completely random, just came across your blog as I was thinking about a blonde friend of mine recently. a bit of goggling and here I am.

just wana to say please keep blogging :) your writing is good and I like it

btw I live in london as well :)

jman said...

A resolution which benefits readers and writer alike? Sounds like one of those things which analysts and politicians are always describing as win-win, n'est-ce pas? And happy new year to you Blonde.

Zstep said...

One thing I've noticed about you is that you don't blog about what you think, you always blog about an event that has happened to you. You don't whine, you don't do blog "tweets", you ususally blog about things you think are amusing, interesting, etc.

Perhaps its time to broaden your scope of writing topics? Easier said than done of course...
Best wishes on the New Year btw

CoatMan said...

Excellent choice of resolution! Shall look forward to increased 'blogging frequency...

Blonde said...

P: Why, thank you. I shall. Try.

LLG: I shall do my v best - will prob never reach your prolific levels, though!

PDEWYMO: Indeed, both. Don't think the fridge could stand it otherwise.

Lucy T: Tsk. If I can do it, so can you!

James: You're right. I had been specifically vague, but now I've been called on it, I suppose... Definitely more than last year, and will be aiming for a post every 3-4 days, I think. You're in for an awful lot of wittering.

LizSara: I shall move the camera to the kitchen!

BS: He seems to have a few up his paw. Will keep you posted. And have a happy 2010, love.

Get2Eric: Indeed. I refer you to James' answer above.

Bren: I love him too, most of the time. But he is Naughty. (And glad you approve - some people vehemently don't.)

Mike: Hello there! You're a fellow sufferer, huh? You're clearly procrastinating like I am. Will do my best to supply with material.

HH: A small(ish) black kitten of 4 months. He's shifty enough as he is, without being able to change shape. A frightening thought!

James: Hi, and thanks for the comment. I shall do my best.

Jman: Apparently so, although quality might determine how good a thing it is for you lot. Happy New Year to you, too.

Zstep: This is true. Are you saying you'd like me to whine more? Because it's eminently possible. And a Happy New Year in your direction too.

CM: Why, thank you.

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